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"Amrita" in ancient literature means divine water or saints' drink to bring about youth, knowledge, longivity and eternity. "Amrita Court" is where such holy liquid is prepared, formulated, produced and offered to our fellow human being. We love to bring happiness for people in a cool and healthy way!

Our MISSION is to simplify essential oils & its applications and formulate a fun-packed and beautiful new lifestyle enjoyed by modern human.

Imagine every drop of our essential oils you love starts the journey on groves, forests and farms across different continents, at different times and days. They are curated by Amrita Court to ensure only the best raw materials and the finest active ingredients are contained. Then they go through meticulous extraction process and lab tests. This makes sure that natural potency and its therapeutic benefits are largely captured. 

With the straight-forward and quality oils, only the coolest and smartest diffusers can bring the best out from it in everyday life of yours. Therefore our team spares no effort to bring about the most beautiful diffusers into the mix. Enjoy our uncomplicated essential oil blends + cool diffusers.

Our Chief Aromatherapist Ron Guba is Australia’s leading authority and proponent of aromatherapy and aromatic medicine. He has studied and practised therapeutic use of essential oils and nature extracts as a form of potent herbal medicine since 1980’s.

Ron was a founding member and past Chairman of International Federation of Aromatherapists (Australia). He has lectured extensively throughout Australia and internationally on aromatic medicine, truly natural cosmetic principles, and various other complementary medicine topics.

Not only has Ron applied all himself into the meticulous art of finding natural ingredients and designing effective formulations, he does so with such a generous passion and deep love of nature and human being. This passion can be felt through simple enjoyment of Amrita Court's essential oils.

Meet our Team

At Amrita Court, we work with a team of passionate aromatherapists, biochemists, researchers, perfumiests and designers who are driven by their green conscience and respect for nature.

Our constant search for the best ingredients and formulations that enhance and elevate human health, mood and overall quality of lives, continues to drive our team.

We comply with rigorous Australian quality testing and controls done in Australia, such as GMP, ISO 22000 certified and compliant.

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