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Who is behind the scene?

Amrita Court is composed of a team of passionate aromatherapists, biochemists, researchers, perfumists, designers and nature lovers, driven by green conscience and care for human well-being. Deeply embeded in our mind is the sharing of the generosity Mother Nature has endowed on us, ie. pure natural essential oils. We have always been on the search of the best ingredients and formulations that enhance and elevate human health, mood and overall quality of lives. 

Chief Aromatherapist Ron Guba

Ron is Australia’s leading authority and proponent of aromatherapy and aromatic medicine. He has studied and practised therapeutic use of essential oils and nature extracts as a form of potent herbal medicine since 1980’s.

Ron was a founding member and past Chairman of International Federation of Aromatherapists (Australia). He has lectured extensively throughout Australia and internationally on aromatic medicine, truly natural cosmetic principles and various other complementary medicine topics.

Not only has Ron applied all himself into the meticulous art of finding natural ingredients and designing effective formulations, he does so with such a generous passion and deep love of nature and human being. This passion can be felt through simple enjoyment of Amrita Court's essential oils. So, come and try our love filled range of quality essential oils...