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25% OFF | Family Guard Combo | 4 Improved Wearable Diffusers+Breathe Easy+Kid's Breathe | Must-have Family Protection

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25% OFF | Family Guard Combo | 4 Improved Wearable Diffusers+Breathe Easy+Kid's Breathe | Must-have Family Protection

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100% Natural & Vegan
Made in Australia
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Chilly winter, post pandemic, nasty super flu…How about peace of mind that your family's health is protected? This Bundle is the answer!

With essential oils created by one of Australia's best aromatherapists, Ron Guba, the bundle serves to guard against potentially harmful germs & nasties and relieve respiratory and nasal congestion.
It will help to purify the air, clear up breathing channels and form a layer of strong protection around you and your loved ones as essential oil molecules diffuse into air and nostrils. Plus, the aroma smells amazing!


Neutralise germs that may sneak in through your breathing
Breathe in beautiful aroma with great comfort
Stylish portable diffuser to diffuse on the go
Pure & Natural with no harsh chemicals - kind to yourself & environment
Last for 3 months if used everyday by 4 member family
Fast and free shipping from our Adelaide warehouse
100% money back guarantee if you don't like it

What are Included:

Portable Essential Oil Clip (4 Pieces included) is specifically designed to attach to your clothing or face mask using magnet or clip. As an easy and pretty diffuser, it instantly refreshes air around and makes breathing more comfortable. Your whole group/family is protected at the same time.

Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend 10ml

This blend is excellent for the relief of coughs and congestion due to colds, hay fever and infection. It is a strong, anti-infectious and head-clearing blend of essential oils that help to kill bacteria and viruses causing an infection.

Little Easy Breathe Essential Oil Blend 10ml

This is the mild formulation purposely designed for babies and children up to 12 year old to relieve symptoms of cold, viral infection or hay fever. It is anti-infectious and anti-viral. (Note it is normally for diffusing, but you can dilute it to apply topically. Check out the application here )

Note: We have a variety of styles in the clip including cat, deer, love heart, flower, paw, mermaid, cupid love, peppa pig, clover leaves & dragonfly. You can leave your preferred choice in note OR expect an assortment of mystery patterns!

Some of Our Happy Customers

Who Are We

Ron Guba - Chief Aromatherapist

Amrita Court has one of the strongest technical teams in Australia. Our Chief Aromatherapist, Ron Guba and his team brought in over 40+ years of research and practical experiences in formulating essential oil blends for holistic health and skincare.

Ron is Australia’s leading authority and proponent of aromatherapy and aromatic medicine. He has studied and practised therapeutic use of essential oils and nature extracts as a form of potent herbal medicine since 1980’s.

Ron was a founding member and past Chairman of International Federation of Aromatherapists (Australia). He has also lectured extensively throughout Australia and internationally on aromatic medicine, truly natural cosmetic principles and various other complementary medicine topics.

What's in the Essential Oils and Diffusers?

Breathe Easy

Eucalyptus Australiana | Eucalyptus Blue Gum | Peppermint Gum | Tea Tree | Lemon Myrtle | Cold-pressed Lemon oil | True Peppermint | Spearmint (all to help open the sinuses and relieve congestion)

Little Easy Breathe

Eucalyptus Australiana | Eucalyptus Globulus | Tea Tree | Cold-pressed Lemon oil | True Peppermint | Spearmint

Face Mask Diffusing Clips

Stainless steel | Felt Pads

Directions of Use

With unique magnetic or clip design, the face mask clip attaches to the mask and holds the locket in place.
  • 1Unscrew the face covering of the locket and drip 1-2 drops of essential oil blend onto the felt pad.
  • 2Then screw back the face covering.
  • 3Attach the magnet or clip to the back of your face mask and the locket to the front of the mask.
  • 4Please position this diffuser on the side below your nose (roughly the position of the side of your mouth). Allow for a few minutes before essential oils can be felt through breathing.
  • 5Each comes with 6-8 different coloured pads
  • 6The clips can also be used on your cuff, collar, tie or as a brooch.

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This bundle is entitled to free shipping for Australian domestic customers. We will ship the product within 48 hours of receiving orders. For New Zealand and North American customers (the USA and Canada), we offer free shipping for order above AUD100 and for the rest of the world customer, free shipping above AUD250. For all customers, we will initiate shipping within 48 hours of receiving orders. The arrival time for international destination usually takes 7-21 days, but it has become hard to predict during the current pandemic era. We appreciate your patience and will do our very best to provide excellent service. We use Australian Post for delivery. So if you have another order to track, please use this link to check with Australian Post.

Non Satisfaction Refund Guarantee

Amrita Court's products are the most UNIQUE and POTENT blends on the market, in our opinion. If you are not ABSOLUTELY amazed, simply post back your product within 7 days of your receipt of product and receive a full refund from Amrita Court, with no questions asked!

SUPERIOR EXPERIENCE: If you are just trying our range for the first time and you do not switch to it permanently as your new favorite oil, simply post back your product within 7 days of your receipt and we will refund your money, guaranteed.

PURE + RIGOROUS QUALITY TESTING & CONTROLS: Distillation facility is GMP, ISO 22000 certified and compliant.

Amrita Court's family protection combo with facemask diffusers and two breathe easy essential oils. One for adult and the other for young kids up to 12 year old. Must have for protection from germs and virus. Totally natural and green.

25% OFF | Family Guard Combo | 4 Improved Wearable Diffusers+Breathe Easy+Kid's Breathe | Must-have Family Protection