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Essential Oils; All You Need To Know About Them

Essential Oils; All You Need To Know About Them

What are essential oils? First you will need to know what they are made of. Essential oils are natural compounds that are extracted from plant and they capture the plant’s scent and its essence, which is their “life force” like the blood in human. The usage of essential oils dates back to as early as 4500 BC as they were used by ancient Egyptians in cosmetics and ointments. Here the most important factors you need to know about essential oils are their benefits. Essential oils have a lot of benefits, some of which I am sure you are not aware of. Here are some of them.

They boost your good mood

Having the correct version of aroma and oils when you are in a mood will be helpful in either boosting or negating your mood if it is a negative one. The aroma increases serotonin levels which in turn make you feel happy, lifted or optimistic. Botanical Galore is a bundle composed of several of such blends by Amrita Court. The contained oils in it has several distinctive functions (one oil one function). They will individually help you either to breathe easy and better, feel enlightened and energized or carry on in harmony. It will also improve your sleep.

Improve job performance

Essential oils can improve your job performance by reducing stress and increase attentiveness. There are essential oils (eg. Peaceful Sleep) which enable you to improve the quality of your sleep, waking up the next day with energy and focus to enhance your productivity. There are also oils (eg. Enlighten) which will just enhance your energy level and promote your focus during a job. This means improving the performance in your work place.

Kill bacteria and viruses

Essential oils can also help in killing of bacteria. The oil weakens the cellular wall of resistant bacteria. This helps in purifying yourself and keeping you free of diseases causing germs. The Germ Free Duo essential oil bundle is the suitable for this purpose. It helps to purify the air by sanitizing germs and breathe easy by decongesting your breathing channel.

Helps in attractiveness

For most people, the looks and their demeanors are the most important factors to attract lovers. But having an appealing scent/aroma is also a very effective and important way of attracting your love. For this purpose you will need Amethyst Lover bundle or Intimacy Pink Quartz bundle which contain oils and diffusing jewelry with very attractive aroma and appearance. Knowing that you smell good and appear beautiful will also give you confidence and composure that you’ve got this!

Reduce anxiety

It is known to many that essential oils helps in reducing anxiety. And it is more effective than you expect. They impact the limbic system which is the part of the brain that controls emotion. And this system links directly with the end of your nose. A nice and therapeutic aroma will swiftly relieve you from anxiety and calm you down a few seconds after you smell it. At Amrita Court you can find the best essential oils for anxiety -  Harmony Blend to achieve this for you. There is also another version called Little Calming blend which is designed for kids up to 12 year old to soothe and help them to be stable and under control.

These are some of the amazing things that essential oils can do for you. All of the oils here are Australian made essential oils. Hope this helps you to make an informed mind about essential oils.

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