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Modern family; modern woman; energetic and calming; essential oil blends

Pure Happiness from Natural Aroma

Pure and Natural Essential Oil Blends

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Amrita Court essential oil blend; mind and physical health Amrita Court; Amrita Court - Holy Liquid and the place to produce it.

Natural Oil Blends + Unique Diffusers = Best for Home

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Amrita Court brand is where the best essential oils meet with coolest and most effective diffusers. They are environmentally friendly, discretionary, aromatic and highly effective. We only use top ingreidents and have over 40 years of industry exprience
Amrita Court Global

Inspired by Nature

only the best essential oils with active ingredients

Amrita Court Global

Made in Australia

produced in Australia under stringent quality system

Amrita Court Global

Cruelty Free

totally cruelty free and 100% vegan

Amrita Court Global

Money Back Guarantee

receive full refund with no question asked

With more than 40 years of natural essential oil and skincare experience, we are committed to excellence when it comes to formulation.

Ron Guba (Chief Aromatherapist)

Diffusing needs to be totally cool, discretionary and environmentally friendly. So, our diffusers use no plastics and minimum power.

Amrita Court, the coolest Diffusing

Change the Scent - Change the World

Amrita Court's blends focus on balancing the physical and psychological health to you and your loved ones.

Our essential oils will delight your senses and reconnect you to the priorities which support your wellness.

Together with our cool diffusers, the blends will bring aroma, beauty and tranquility to your everyday life!

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Amrita Court uses only the best ingredients straight from mother nature and retains the fullest goodiness of nature to help balance the physical and psychological health to modern family.